Modern Vintage Vacation & Retro Rental Homes
in Las Vegas Style

Close, Convenient, Classic

Futura House is dedicated to finding unique homes for unique people.

These are private homes, not apartments, townhomes or condos. All are big enough to share comfortably with a roommate or a small family. They are priced as affordably as we can make them, in order to make high-end retro architectural living to other artistic people. And since you are dealing directly with owner landlords and not a property management company, we consider ourselves to be the “Nordstroms” of rentals with attentive considerate management readily available.

All of Futura House homes are located close to the Las Vegas Strip and the Downtown Project Scene. Every home is in a safe, family oriented, quiet location, yet close to the action and literally 10 minutes away from the airport. If you are going to live in a city – then LIVE in the city with no awful time consuming commutes from Summerlin or Henderson!

These homes have privacy, history and personality for people who don’t want to live cookie cutter lives.
Futura House also offers custom design Consultation Services for your Vintage Home Restoration Projects! Learn more here.

All of our properties  are available for film and tv location shoots